con badges



Price:  £10/$15

+ £1 / $5 Postage

What You Get: Half body of one character with a simple background + option to have name added

[Please note that this is for feral only, i do no currently take anthro or human con badge commissions]

How To Order:

Please Fill Out This Form:

Commission Form


When you email/message me, I will reply within 24 hours to accept or decline your order. An invoice will be sent to the email given. Payment is expected within one week of finalizing the project, and I will not start sketching until I receive payment. See the “Payment” section in my TOS for more information.


If you see something in a snapshot you don’t like, tell me and I will change it! You are allowed two revisions. I will make my best effort to deliver an artwork you love. See the TOS for more information on additional revisions.


Once the artwork has been completed, I will send you a snapshot for final approval. Once approved, the high-res final image will be emailed to you and I will post the image to my social media pages.


Examples Below

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