Just So You Can Get To Know Me... :D

Hey Peeps :3
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get"

Life is too short, and i plan to make the most of it :D I believe everyone deserves a chance and this is a way of making dreams && chances happen.
All i want to do is share my ideas and creations with people who will enjoy and love them. I hope to inspire people as well as make new friends and partners. 

My Dream :- "To Own My Own Game Store With A Twist"

My art can be found in many places:

I do a lot of work based of fandoms which i love doing but i wish to evolve and move onto to designing characters, comics and kawaii stuff. 

With your help i will be able to get there!


I try to attend as many conventions i can! So please dont be afraid to say hello :D

I see myself as a casual gamer, i spend a lot of my spare time either drawing or playing games. Xbox is my favourite platform, but i have always been a playstation fan, i cannot live without kingdom hearts :P My favourite game is Halo, but i have many many more i really enjoy, for example, Borderlands 2, Zoo tycoon, Red Dead Redemption, Witcher, Smite, Prototype, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, GTA, Sims, Pokemon, Fear 3 .... I could go on forever!


I also watch alot of movies and tv series, my favourite tv series are, Supernatural, Grimm, Big Bang Theory, Arrow, Ghost Whisperer.... so many more!!

Im also a massive My Little Pony fan so please dont judge :)

Im a big animal fan and currently own a beautiful husky called Sasha. I also volunteer for a sled dog rescue where i help out with dog assessments and potential foster/forever homes. Also studied Animal Behaviour at university level.